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Background info

Do you run a small or medium sized business?

I did. I do. And I was surprised about the lack of suitable software just for us.

We must pay for software with functions we never use.

We must run servers, clients, administrate them and so on
(I can that, but: can you?
Is that your business?)

We pay for support, updates, courses.

Do we need all of that?

SW for SME

Just software for SME:

Tsubame Software Tools (the power of simplicity)

...so I decided to develope just what we need.

In the year 2008 I wrote the project plan and almost the complete system for "Toshiko", a DMS (document management system).

Toshiko is the first of a serie of support software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

In the year 2009 I wrote the system to end and tested it.

In the year 2010 I wrote the project plan and almost the complete system for "Naoko", a contability system.

Also in the year 2010 I wrote "Kenji", a simple tool to organize documents.


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