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Background info 

The costs of documentation

1. Documents:

Documents claim up to 60% of office worker’s time and account for up to 45% of labor costs.

85% of all documents filed are never retrieved.

50% of all documents are duplicates.

60% of all documents are obsolete.

Depending of organization form spend a worker between 50% and 80% of the working time searching for information.


Why organize documents

Keeping the documents the right way

Organized document help you save time, not only when you are looking for documents but also space on the disk.

It is a known problem that the volume and number of documents grows, it will all be saved. There are different kind of solutions for this problem and Tsubame software tools will help with the Administration of your documents.

Specially Kenji is a very quick and handy tool to find duplicate and old files, and working further with them as you wish.

With Kenji you save time and money, and your company works efficiently.  

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