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Background info 

An accounting system is the heart of a company. Not the brain, actually.

People says that money needs, like blood, to circulate in order to maintain all systems in function, in a similar matter is the accounting system that one which "pumps" the money: Therefore the heart of your business.

The reason why I have decided to develop an accounting system, (I have to confess that to my shame), is not my excellent accounting skills, but rather from my point of view the poor suitability of current systems you can get today.

The rigidity and inflexibility of the contability systems is an inherent problem (grown over centuries) of the accounting systems at the present.
Citates as "we have always done so" and "although it is illogical/difficult to understand, but so do it all" are for Tsubame Software Tools not ways for better small and medium sized enterprises and thus not relevant.

I made another claim for Naoko when I begun with the development: Not just to revolutionize the accounting systems (although any change in the postulates almost tantamount to a revolution) but to perform the basic functionality of such an account system as Naoko is, separated into modules; Naoko itself may be adapted to your business and not forcing you into a rigid frame.  

Doing Accounting with Naoko

Pros & Cons of Naoko as contability system

Naoko has many advantages, but the most importants are listed here briefly: Naoko is able to work for several companies (useful for contable companies), but the biggest advantage (and also the main drawback) is the great flexibility of Naoko.

This flexibility is an advantage to the extent that that is possible to use Naoko almost everywhere, not only the language is totally configurable but it is also possible to adapt Naoko to any free and open accounting plan and accounting groups. This concept allows you to adjust Naoko optimally.

Naoko everywhere: Naoko may be adapted herself to your business/company and not viceversa.

Related to the flexibility, (and this is an advantage precisely targeted for small and medium-sized companies) Naoko is very easy to use: To make the system as flexible as possible we must give up a lot of unnecessary features. Not only the operation is reduced to the essentials, but also the software runs very, very fast.

Because of this reduction to the essentials is the failure possibility (the human) also reduced to a minimum.

Disadvantages are seen in the wide possibilities of configuration of the system (the same as another accounting system from a big german company too, but -by its complexity and its price- it is addressed to large and very large companies).

With the right contable system you save time and money, and your company works efficiently!  

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