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Background info 

The costs of documentation

1. Documents:

Documents claim up to 60% of office worker’s time and account for up to 45% of labor costs.

85% of all documents filed are never retrieved.

50% of all documents are duplicates.

60% of all documents are obsolete.

Depending of organization form spend a worker between 50% and 80% of the working time searching for information.

2. Back up:

If a company lose data, the probability that the business stops immediatly is 50%.

90% of the companies that lost data will suspend business activities within 2 years.

3. Paper:

More than 75% of the companies today administrate their informations on paper.

Informations on paper must be copied several times and forwarded with considerable amount of work.

Paper based documents have significant longer running time than electronically administrated documents.

Analysts estimate that the average company spends approximately 6% of their annual revenue on office documents. Organizations must therefore work for the first 16 days of every year to pay for this expense.  


Pros & Cons of a DMS

Pros of a DMS (Document Management System)

  1. The access to documents is much easier. You get your document, in a matter of seconds
  2. With a DMS you save time for archiving, moving and daploying documents
  3. The document workflow goes digital, no paper, quick and reliable
  4. You save physical place with digital documents. You do not need big rooms for tons of paper
  5. No lose documents (with the back up system)
  6. No wrong archived documents (wrong does not exist)
  7. Wrong sended documents can be sended correct ipso facto
  8. Simple document search by different ways
  9. No use of lot of paper by copying and distribute to several receivers
  10. Working parallel allows to saves time
  11. Automatically back up of complete archives
  12. Automatically delete of documents after the cycle of life
  13. Customer relationship will be better
  14. Avoid of mistakes by automation of the workflow.

Cons of a DMS (Document Management System)

  1. Costs money, but you save more than you pay
  2. You need electricity: no voltage no documents
  3. If you save all your data in one place and the hard disk crashes, is all your data lost. Better to save in different disks
  4. If you have the wrong Document Management System you will need administrators, IT specialists, consultors, project managers, ...
  5. If you have the wrong Document Management System your workers need lots of training and at last they will never understand the system.

With the right DMS you save time and money, and your company works efficiently.  

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